Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lee Goldberg's funny & wily REMAINDERED story & film

Ed here: REMAINDERED is one of the wiliest short stories I've read in many years. Really laughed my ass off when I read it. The short film based on it is equally excellent. Lee Goldberg at his very best.


REMAINDERED is about Kevin Dangler, a once-famous author desperate to regain
his lost glory while traveling the back-roads of middle America, selling
remaindered, fifth-editions of his first book out of the trunk of his car.
Along the way, he meets his biggest fan...who could be his salvation...or a
novel way to die.

The story was an *Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine* Readers Choice Award
finalist and has previously appeared in the anthologies "Three Ways to Die"
and "Top Suspense."

The Kindle and
contains a link to a free, private, streaming video of the
*Remaindered *short film, written & directed by me, and shot late last year
on location in Kentucky, using entirely local talent. The film is currently
playing the festival circuit and has already been screened as an official
selection of the Beaufort International Film Festival, the Big Island Film
Festival, the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, The Beverly Hills
Shorts Festival, and the Derby City Film Festival, where one of our stars,
Sebrina Siegel was a finalist for Best Actress.

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Evan Lewis said...

I must be living right. Went to a library sale the other day and bought an issue EQMM for two bits. It has "Remaindered" in it.