Friday, June 24, 2011

So long Peter Falk

Ed here: Peter Falk was one of those actors who improved everything he was in. Columbo was almost always a hoot. He also did dozens of other tv and film roles I'll always remember. So long.

From Galleycat:

Peter Falk, actor, author and star of Columbo, has passed away. His cigar-smoking TV detective was immortalized in a series of books.

In 2007, the actor published the memoir, Just One More Thing: Stories from my Life. Follow this link to read a free sample of the book. This GalleyCat editor recommends watching Wings of Desire tonight–this gorgeous movie about fallen angels was one of Falk’s most literary films.

Here’s more about his memoir: “Starting in Hartford, where he worked as a management analyst for the Connecticut State Budget Bureau, Falk was no more successful than at an earlier attempt to work with the CIA. He then turned to an old college interest: acting. Falk came to prominence in 1956 in the successful Off-Broadway revival of The Iceman Cometh. Although he worked continuously for the next three years, a theatrical agent advised him not to expect much work in motion pictures because of his glass eye. Surgeons had removed his right eye, along with a malignant tumor, when he was three years old. But in 1958, Falk landed his first movie, Murder Incorporated, and was nominated for an Oscar.”


David Cranmer said...

I always liked Falk. Class act. I'm in the mood for a bio and might purchase this.

Thanks, Ed.

Todd Mason said...

Did you ever watch THE TRIALS OF O'BRIEN, Ed? I understand it was comparable to the earlier, better COLUMBOs.