Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Brendan DuBois; L.J. Washburn

Ed her: Brendan Dubois is a master of the short story. I read him with awe and envy. I also learn from him. I ordered this collection immediately. And so should you!

From Brendan:"I'm very pleased to pass on that my newest e-book anthology, "Blue and Gray Tales of Mystery," is now available on both the Book and Kindle platforms. Over the years I was most fortunate to be asked to contribute Civil War-related short stories to anthologies edited by Marty Greenberg, John Helfers, and Ed Gorman. For the first time, I've gathered all of my Civil War short stories into this one anthology, with another superb cover by Jeroen ten Berge. Of course, me being me, the stories include mysteries, alternative history, and science fiction. And to honor these three editors --- and the writing community lost a giant when Marty Greenberg passed away --- this anthology is dedicated to them. You can find it on Amazon at or Barnes & Noble at"

----------------L.J. Washburn

Livia Washburn can do it all and do it well. I've been reading her for twenty years or more--mysteries, westerns, historicals, fantasies, romances--and I still wonder (seriously) what makes her so gifted. (I can say the same for her husband James Reasoner who's written two of my top fifteen hardboiled novels and many of my favorite westerns.) But of all her books I like the Hallams the best.

I always enjoy books and stories about old Hollywood and former cowboy now turned private eye lives and works--as many real cowboys did--in the Hwood of silent films. He's a great character, the mysteries are fair-clued and stunning, and old Hwood is a character in itself.

Here's a great introduction--several great stories for 99 cents on Kindle.

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