Friday, July 27, 2012

One of my all-time favorite private eyes: James Reasoners' Cody

Fort Worth Nights: A Collection of Cody PI Stories

Only $2.99

FORT WORTH NIGHTS reprints all the short fiction featuring Cody, the private eye protagonist of New York Times best-selling author James Reasoner's first novel, the cult classic TEXAS WIND. Available for the first time in one place are the acclaimed stories "Dead in Friday", "The Elephant's Graveyard", "The Spanish Blade", "The Safest Place in the World", and "In the Blood". Plus, FORT WORTH NIGHTS marks the first publication anywhere of the first new Cody story in nearly 25 years, a 10,000 word novelette entitled "Assisted Dying". Over 50,000 words in collection.
Ed Gorman calls Cody's first appearance TEXAS WIND "one of the finest private eye novels I've ever read . . . a virtually perfect utterance, a story of a man, an era, and a place". If you haven't made Cody's acquaintance yet, FORT WORTH NIGHTS is the perfect introduction.

From James:Cody is back. FORT WORTH NIGHTS, now available on Amazon, collects the five stories I wrote in the Eighties about Fort Worth private eye Cody, the protagonist of my first novel TEXAS WIND. But that's not all. I figured there was a good chance I'd never write another Cody story, but publishing this collection seemed like a perfect opportunity to do just that. So . . . FORT WORTH NIGHTS also includes the first new Cody story in almost 25 years, a 10,000 word novelette called "Assisted Dying". It's not a flashback or anything like that. Cody's older and so am I, but we're both still plugging away at it. What's more, I had great fun writing this story and, uh, Cody might be back again one of these days. Sooner than 25 more years, I hope. I also hope some of you will check out FORT WORTH NIGHTS and that you enjoy these stories. (Livia designed a great cover for the book, too.)

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Ron Smyth said...

You convinced me. I bought it. Literally.