Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cool Review by Vince Keenan-Best Seller


Ed here here: This is the poster of one of my favorite cop movies--a movie only Larry Cohen could've written as Vince Keenan in a very sharp and wise review points out.  BTW the quote made me laugh out loud. On the money about Larry Cohen pictures. Here's an
an excerpt and a link from 2010.

 "Cohen wrote the film for Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster but Larry, bless his B-movie heart, can only work in fast-and-cheap mode. The result is the most underpopulated conspiracy movie ever. It’s basically just two guys."

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Mathew Paust said...

Not sure how I missed this movie. Must've slipped through the feed too fast for me at the time. Both actors are favorites. Hope it's available on Netflix.