Monday, October 29, 2012

New from Batman Masters Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon

If you love classic monster movies and comics and remember the smell of Testor’s glue while putting together your Aurora model kits (and even if you don’t!) then this is the place for you!

Joe Frankenstein is the creation of longtime comic book creators, Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon.  A coming of age story of a boy, a monster and trying to live down a legacy he didn’t know he had.

We have a publisher  (IDW) and are hard at work on this project. Come back often for updates and new posts of the various creative stages.

We are currently seeking investors to get this completed even sooner. If interested in helping to fund this project, please check out our Indiegogo campaign where you can get some pretty cool swag for your donations!


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Graham Nolan
Chuck Dixon
Welcome Monster Lovers!
“It’s a different place at night.
The monsters of our nightmares
are real!”
All images and text to Joe Frankenstein are
copyright 2012 by Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon

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