Thursday, June 18, 2015

Edward Grainger Reviews Vixen by Bill Pronzini


Mathew Paust said...

Ed: I've recently gotten a couple of strange messages purportedly from you. The first one was from an address I didn't recognize, so I assumed it was just spam. But the one two days ago was from your AOL address and was titled "Emergency." It said something like I haven't heard back from you, and then said you needed my help, but it gave no hint as to what might be the problem.

Rather than hit the "reply" button I sent a new message to your AOL address from my address book, and it came back as undeliverable, which suggested to me the account has been blocked. As you've been posting on your blog the past several days, I'm assuming the "emergency" message was from a hacker.

People who do that kind of thing should be strapped down and made to listen to a Pat Boone impressionist "singing" rap music 18 hours straight and then shipped to a desert work camp in Syria.

I trust you're feeling better and that your rib is healing well.

- Matt

Ed Gorman said...

Thanks for writing, Matt. My computer was "spoofed" by Russkies. Seriously. I suspect Putin. I hope he at least had the courtesy to wear a shirt for once. I've got three computer services working in different ways to restore all the files he managed to vanish. I'm doing ok, thanks. t

Peter Collinson said...

This is a well written review for the most part. Pronzini's Nameless Detective novels deserve great praise as a general thing and I'm sure that this book is a fine example of the author's work.
But to bluntly compare this new novel with The Big Sleep and declare that Chandler's cornerstone work is found wanting is awkward. This comparison undercuts the rest of the review.