Friday, July 31, 2015

soon on tv? remember those george gilman "edge"

Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski to star in Western pilot Edge for Amazon


Yvonne Strahovski, star of NBC’s Chuckand one of the few non-lumberjack survivors of Showtime’s Dexter, has signed on for an Amazon pilot from Iron Man 3 director Shane Black. The new series, Edge, is a post-Civil War-set Western, based on a series of pulpy oaters by novelist George G. Gilman. 
Strahovski will play Beth, a member of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, an organization better known for busting heads and breaking strikes than Sherlock Holmes-esque feats of deduction. Beth is a newcomer to the town of Seward, Kansas, where the various parties at play in Edge come together for their violent confrontations. She’ll be joined by Max Martini, playing Edge himself, a vengeance-seeker who comes to repay his brother’s death upon his former comrade, Meritt Harknett (Ryan Kwanten, from True Blood). 
Strahovski’s been working steadily since Chuck went off the air in 2012. Besides appearing as final-season love interest Hannah on Dexter, she’s since showed up on the 24 event series Live Another Day, and currently stars on ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club. Martini, meanwhile, is best known for small film roles in movies like Saving Private Ryan and Pacific Rim, where he played back-up giant robot pilot Herc Hansen.
Meanwhile, there are 61 novels in Gilman’s Edge series, meaning the Amazon show won’t lack for source material in the event that it’s picked up to series. Fingers crossed that Western fans will finally get to see A Town Called HateThe Day Democracy Died, and, of course, Montana Melodrama all make their way to the screen.

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michael said...

A very similar faith is awaiting Loyis Masterson's Western pulp hero Morgan Kane. The first movie (The legend begins) should hit the screens some time this or next year in a production by WR entertainment group. With 83 books out there, a series seems assured. Why are serialised western pulp heroes suddenly proving so attractive to producers?