Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Published: September 2, 2008 Compiled by Julie Bloom
Stephenie Meyer is delaying indefinitely the completion of the final installment of her “Twilight Saga” after an unfinished partial draft was leaked online, The Los Angeles Times reported. “I did not want my readers to experience ‘Midnight Sun’ before it was completed, edited and published,” she wrote on stepheniemeyer.com last week. “I think it is important for everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being.” Ms. Meyer posted a link to the incomplete draft: “This way, my readers don’t have to feel they have to make a sacrifice to stay honest.” The leak follows the publication in August of “Breaking Dawn,” the fourth installment in Ms. Meyer’s young-adult series about vampires. The movie version of the first book, “Twilight,” is scheduled to be released in November.

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Ed here:

I am hopeless and helpless when it comes to understanding how computers as simple as a Mac work. Several of you poor souls who've tried to help me know how true this is. So maybe you people understand the process involved in the leaking of the partial draft.

Did somebody she trusted leak it? Did somebody hack into her computer? How is this possible?

Insufficient minds want to know.


Dave Zeltserman said...

Ed, doubtful her system was hacked into. Most cable modems these days provide firewall capability. Mostly likely someone with local access to her system (or someone she gave the partial mss. to), leaked it. Or maybe this is some clever publicity stunt, the value of which is beyond mere mortals like us to figure out,

Ed Gorman said...

Yes I cynically thought the same thing too, Dave. Publicity!

David T. Wilbanks said...

Hi Ed. I read on her site that she passed some manuscripts around and she thinks it's one of those. So she's making it available on her site and starting over (I think).

Elizabeth Foxwell said...

Actually there's been fan unhappiness with Meyer's most recent book in the series (_Breaking Dawn_), so I'd theorize that this is a move to placate readers in giving them a hint re future direction.