Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Poker Club

I just got this information yesterday about The Poker Club being slotted at The Austin Film Festival

http://aff.bside.com/2008/films/thepokerclub_aff2008 :00 P.M.

Sunday October 19 2:00 P.M.

The Poker Club
Tim McCann
Categories: Marquee
Run time: 81 min.
Adapted from the novel by Ed Gorman, The Poker Club tells the story of four old friends who discover a burglar in the house during their weekly poker night. Things take a turn for the unexpected when he is killed trying to escape. But the intruder may not have been alone. Tim McCann (AFF 2005 Narrative Feature Winner for Runaway) has crafted a compelling suspense thriller about friendship and betrayal.

Tim McCann
Johnathon Schaech
Richard Chizmar

Jana Kramer
Johnathon Schaech
Johnny Messner
Judy Reyes
Loren Dean


Dave Zeltserman said...

Ed, very exciting news. congrats!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Love to see it. Maybe it'll come my way. Othewise, netflix.

Bob Randisi said...

Good kuck! Break a leg.


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the DVD if any is available? If not, when?


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Great news, Ed. I'll be sure to see it one way or another.

Ed Gorman said...

I'm told that the release date is at least three months away. That's all the information I have. I'll update everybody when I get a definite date.

Martin Edwards said...

Sounds great. Congratulations from the UK!

Anonymous said...

Good grief have I been out of it. One of my all time favorite Ed bits and I had no idea it was even being filmed. Congrats on that, Ed, I hope it does terrifically well.


Laquita said...

Hi Ed-Laquita Matthews here, I was the costume designer for The Poker Club. Just wanted to let you know that the film will also be at the Black Bear film festival in Milford,PA on October 18th. I'm very excited to see it, I know you are too!!