Monday, October 31, 2011

Bad Moon Rising in Baker & Taylor Top Ten; Warren Adler/Pauline Kael

Three weeks on Baker & Taylor Mystery Bestseller List from #15 to #11 this week #9
Warren Adler has written a number of bestsellers and has seen some of them turned into major movies. His piece in the Huffington Post makes some memorable and striking comments about the effect movies have on us.

I Found It At The Movies by Warren Adler

Pauline Kael, who reviewed movies for The New Yorker for many years, was considered by many to be the goddess of film critics. Her comments on movies were both insightful and controversial. Once again, a compendium of her reviews is coming out in a newly published book.

Her writings were distinguished by her sharp opinions. When she was negative about the quality of a film, she was downright lethal. When she was positive, she was ecstatic. But whatever her thoughts were about films, her enduring view was that movies were transformative, important, and, in some cases, life changing.

On the surface, such a conclusion might seem, to say the least, exaggerated and over expansive. Indeed, how many times have I heard it said: "It's only a movie."

Years ago, I might have dismissed her opinion, but after a very long, personal retrospective on the impact of movies on my own life, I'm inclined to see her point.

The effect that movies have had on my life, psyche, worldview, relationship with people, knowledge of the human condition, hopes and fears, emulations and aspirations, romanticism, speech, general appearance, taste in clothing, courting, sex, travel, yearnings and ambitions has been profound. There is no denying it.

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