Monday, October 10, 2011

On sale today BAD MOON RISING

Ed here: Amazon is selling the hardcover for ten dollars off the published price and the Kindle version goes on sale tomorrow.

Amazon Price New from
Kindle Edition $9.99
Hardcover $15.99

Some of the reviews:

"The real crime, as Sam eventually realizes, is how one generation exploits the next—while the younger generation devours itself. In turn mellow and melancholy, this book grapples with problems that are too complex for any detective to untangle".
Starred Review Publisher's Weekly

"The hippies, the animosity between Vietnam hawks and doves, the drugs, and the music all provide rich background for a cleverly plotted, fast-paced mystery. Those who lived through the sixties will field a rush of memories; younger generations will find the novel a telling guidebook to the era."

"Another knockout mystery from Gorman, with the right balance of suspense, characterization, and humor....The McCain books are some of the best-written portrayals of the complexities of small-town America, like Winesburg, Ohio with a noir twist. This isn’t a nostalgic view of the good old days. Gorman’s 1950s and 1960s are as politically diverse and socially complex as today. Even though it is a small town, the crimes are anything but quaint. Gorman reveals the dark undercurrents, seething anger, and boiled-up oppression of mid-century Middle America. There might not be any fedoras or rain-slicked dark alleys, but Gorman’s world is 100% noir. His work embodies the compromised decisions characters have to make in order to survive in a compromised world."
Pulp Serenade"

"Plots, characters, setting, and attitude. This series has it all,,,There's a hippie commune just outside Black River Falls, and when the daughter of one of the town's prominent citizens is murdered there, McCain is drawn into the case. Everyone except McCain seems to believe it's an open-and-shut case, especially Cliffie, the town's police chief, who doesn't figure as much in this story as in previous books. McCain begins his own investigation, and things prove to be a lot more complicated than anyone thought. Ugly secrets are uncovered, but Gorman, as usual, is wonderfully even-handed at presenting the human beings involved. Nobody's painted in one color here. Even the worst have redeeming qualities, no matter how small. And even the best have their flaws."
--Bill Crider

"Gorman manages to collapse every chaotic problem that America faced in 1968 into one tight, small-town story. While unwinding a complex mystery, Sam McCain blends pathos and humor with his edgy social commentary and makes us all take a long look at ourselves back when."
Criminal Element


Jerry House said...

A fantastic book!

Anonymous said...

These are impressive endorsements and reviews for the next mystery featuring my favorite Ed Gorman investigator. And all of them pointing to a story with something larger on the stage.

Richard Prosch said...

Sounds wonderful, and it's on my list. What a great cover too!

Jon Serbst said...

I took a brief intermission from my John D. McDonald novel (thanks Ed for introducing his and many other great writers' novels to me via your site here!) when I received 'Bad Moon' on Friday.... and finished it early Sunday! I love the McCain series, and this book...WOW!...what a cliffhanger!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Very cool!

Still hoping my local library is going to get this.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Can't wait to read this one, Ed. Best of wishes.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, Ed! I tweeted your blog post's link yesterday.

Ed Lynskey