Thursday, October 06, 2011


THE GUNSMITH IS BACK! by Robert J. Randisi

Okay, he never left, but it was January of 1980 when GUNSMITH #1: MACKLIN’S WOMEN was first published. That same month was my first month as a full time free lance writer. I’m tempted to say here, “And the rest is history,” but there’s more to it than that. It has taken a lot of hard work to produce a Gunsmith novel a month since then, while also writing other series, and other genres. I am presently working on Gunsmith #368. Add to that 15 Giant Gunsmith novels over the years, and we’re sitting at 383 book about good ol’ Clint Adams. There have been more an 10 million copies in print (the publisher says 5 million on the books, but it has been saying that for a long time).

You can go to the Penguin website for the action western page to read up on the series:

There is also a Gunsmith Facebook page:

But the more amazing thing that is happening now is that The Gunsmith #1 is back., after being out of print for many years. In fact. Speaking Volumes LLC ( will be bringing the first 200 Gunsmiths out as ebooks and POD trade paperbacks, publishing them over the next five years. In addition, they are bring Gunsmith 1 & 2 out on audio, with more possible.

Book #2: THE CHINESE GUNMAN will be published next month.

In addition, all my other Adult Western series, which came out under different names during the 1980’s, will receive the same treatment, so look for The TRACKER series, the ANGEL EYES series and the MOUNTAIN JACK PIKE series, all of which will be published as by “Robert J. Randisi writing as . . .” each pseudonym.

The Gunsmith books will continue to appear as by J.R. Roberts.

It’s exciting to see old series making a comeback.


John Platt said...

383 novels! Wow!

David Cranmer said...

Very exciting news, Ed. And superb cover!