Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big News From Mysterious Press

Dear friends and colleagues,
Please forgive me if this is of no interest to you, but I'm pretty jazzed right now. After two years of hard and often frustrating work, the website of my electronic publishing company is up and running. Click this link -- ; -- if you'd like to see it and the terrific array of books and authors we're offering. It's the first day, so only about 40 books are up, but we'll be adding hundreds more over the next few months. Thanks go to Jane Friedman and her fabulous team at Open Road Integrated Media and my brilliant website administrator, Rob Hart.
Yours sincerely, Otto


Bergman, Andrew
Blake, James Carlos
Brand, Christianna
Bruen, Ken
Bunker, Edward
Cook, Thomas H.
Coxe, George Harmon
Ellroy, James
English, T.J.
Garfield, Brian
Grady, James
Hall, Adam
Harvey, John
Hornsby, Wendy
Housewright, David
Kaminsky, Stuart
Klavan, Andrew
McCarry, Charles
McShane, Mark
O'Connell, Jack


Anonymous said...

Very cool! Thank you for letting us know about this. :)

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Fantastic news and very neat!