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“The Dead Man” Series $0.99 on Kindle

“The Dead Man” Series $0.99 on Kindle
by Kindle Editors on 10/24/2011
Author Spotlight: Lee Goldberg on “The Dead Man” Series

The Dead Man series is the continuing story of Matt Cahill, an ordinary man who survives a terrible accident with a horrific side effect: he can see the evil in people as a rotting, festering, physical decay, one that's spread like a plague by a mysterious supernatural figure known as Mr. Dark. Now Matt is pursuing Mr. Dark and trying to stop the evil from spreading.

William Rabkin and I are both experienced authors but we've also spent twenty years writing & producing network TV series together. Writing books is a lonely profession, involving a single writer facing a blank screen.

But writing television is a collaborative experience, with a room full of writers plotting stories together, then going off to write their individual episodes under the "showrunners" hands-on, creative supervision.

Now we are bringing that episodic TV approach to The Dead Man novels, which is not only making it possible for us to publish a new book every month, but also to capitalize on the creativity, experience, and unique voices of a dozen successful authors representing a wide variety of genres.

The two of us wrote the first book and twelve story-lines, then invited writers we admired, or who we loved to read, and or who we were dying to work with, to write episodes, or in this case novels, in the world of The Dead Man.

We were surprised and delighted by the enthusiastic response that we got. It turns out there are many novelists who crave the creative interaction that's common place in TV...but while also ending up with a work they can still feel is uniquely their own. And that's the case with each monthly Dead Man tale.

As the "showrunners" of The Dead Man, William Rabkin and I still shape every story and manuscript to maintain the consistency of the character, the world, and the story-telling, just as we would on a TV series.

But unlike a TV episode, each book is still very much a reflection of each individual author's point-of-view and told in their unmistakable voice.–Lee Goldberg

Dead Man Series, $0.99 each for a limited time

Face of Evil (Dead Man #1)
Matt Cahill survives a shocking accident...and discovers that he now can see a nightmarish netherworld that exists within our own.

Ring of Knives (Dead Man #2)
Matt infiltrates a lunatic asylum to speak to a madman who may hold the secret to defeating Mr. Dark...and ends up fighting for both his sanity and his life.

Hell in Heaven (Dead Man #3)
Matt wanders into a bizarre town seemingly trapped in the past and tormented by an unspeakable horror.

The Dead Woman (Dead Man #4)
Matt meets a woman who may see the same dark world that he does…and who may be able to reveal the secrets behind his mysterious rebirth.

The Blood Mesa (Dead Man #5)
Matt must save a group of archeologists and graduate students who dig up a Native American ruin...and awaken an ancient evil.

Kill Them All (Dead Man #6)
Matt is pursued by a well-armed, ruthless mercenaries into a dying, western town...where he has to make a last stand and prevent a slaughter. (Pre-order, Nov. 22)

Each book in “The Dead Man” series is just $0.99 on Kindle for a limited time.

“The Dead Man” Series $0.99 on Kindle
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