Monday, September 08, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Dog 'cleaned' in washing machine sparks anger...

Police arrest Delaware teens seen in online video beating mentally
challenged man

Donald Trump: ‘Political correctness’ made NFL go easy on
woman-punching player

Fox hosts giggle that NFL player’s abused girlfriend should learn to
‘take the stairs’
(there was a camera on the elevator when he punched her and knocked her

Wash. state megachurch closes branches after founder is caught calling
women ‘penis homes’

BUS BANDIT:Pajama-Clad 9-Year-Old Steals City Bus

Naked, Stick-Wielding Carjacker Gets Hogtied By Highway Drivers: Cops

John Oliver: Massive student debt is just like an STD, it ‘will follow
you the rest of your life’

Man Jailed After Calling, Texting Ex-Girlfriend 21,807 Times

WATCH: NYPD officers take turns beating Bronx man after search turns up nothing
(finest cops money can buy)

Syracuse University soccer player suspended over video calling
classmate ‘f*ggot-*ss n*gger’

Texas boy shoots himself in the face with a shotgun during hunting trip

White teen in BMW hits three cars, assaults cop in Pennsylvania and
doesn’t get shot

Israeli cult ‘brainwashed’ Jewish women into having sex with non-Jews
for ‘redemption’

Democrats to observe one-year anniversary of ‘Bridgegate’ with ad
poking Christie

Teacher Pleads Guilty After Giving Student Lap Dance In Class

Suspected Drunk Trespasser Proves He's Superman By Jumping Out Window

Facebook Photos Show Inmate Drinking, Getting High In Prison

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Dan said...

Ed, I love this feature, BUT--
Is it just me? When I view this, the headlines are all truncated! Any tips for seeing the whole scoop?