Monday, September 22, 2014

headlines that shouldn't be true hut are

Florida Man Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Drive-Thru Employee Over Burger

Man Pretended To Be Police Officer For More Than 20 Years, Authorities Say


French Woman Spends $50,000 To Become Real-life Sex Doll

Victoria Wild

Mysterious 'Fireball' Was Actually Russian Spy Satellite, Experts Say


The Dream Comes True: Pot-infused Pizza Sauce Comes To Marijuana Dispensaries

Craving Pizza

Dem Candidate Responds To Strip Club Incident

Paul Davis Kansas

NSFW: This Is What Sex Looks Like Inside An MRI Scanner

Life Looks Different Through An Mri Machine

Maybe Proposing In A Paddle Boat Wasn't The Best Idea

Proposal Fail

This Man's Record-Setting Turban Weighs More Than A Child

Worlds Largest Turban

Pit Bull Puppy Branded With F-Word Gets Cosmetic Surgery


'Luke, I Am Your Father, Motherf**ker'

James Earl Jones
‘It belongs to God!’: Pat Robertson rebukes viewer who wants churches to pay taxes  (his show is political not religious  tax the fuck out of him)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Elections a ‘more meaningful measure’ if voters must pass a test

4chan to Emma Watson: You speak out on gender equality, we release nude photos

Rick Perry: Joan Rivers might still be alive if NYC had strict Texas abortion law

Witnesses: Officer stepped back, gunned down California man outside liquor store

Shady Wisconsin militia ‘targets’ Dem voters for arrest on open warrants in black districts

GOP nominee hires then fires new aide within hours after seeing 'n*gger,' 'F*cking Jews' tweets

Wesleyan, accused of harboring 'Rape Factory,' orders frats to admit women

Scientists 'hack' tobacco plants to produce much higher yield -- still working on food

Gun lovers parade with firearms to protest arrest of black open-carry activist 


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