Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Matt Helm - Death of A Citizen

Matt Helm meets Tina, an old World War II associate, who coerces him into helping her with her plans. Thinking she is still one of the good guys, he goes along. After finding out she isn't, he tries to forgive and forget. She kidnaps his daughter to force him to help her. He sets out to find his missing daughter with disastrous results for the WWII associate. 

Matt Helm - The Wrecking Crew

 After a brief refresher course, Helm is sent to Sweden with the task of killing "Caselius," a pesky foreign agent. Using his experience as a photographer as his cover story, Matt Helm manages to identify "Caselius," track him to his lair, and permanently remove him from among the living. 

Ed here: 

"Donald Hamilton is one of the three best American thriller writers, the other two being Dashiell Hammett and Ross Thomas."   John Fraser

 I have to admit that I was never a big fan of Ian Fleming's. The Bond stuff was moderately amusing but I just never took to it. The late great Anthony Boucher said it best for me:  "Donald Hamilton has brought to the spy novel the authentic hard realism of Dashiell Hammett; and his stories are as compelling, and probably as close to the sordid truth of espionage, as any now being told."

Historians have borne out just how realistic the Helm novels were. The Cold War was just as seamy, psychopathic and deadly as Hamilton insisted it was.  One more plus is the style. This man could write the English language the way God intended--wry, brutal, dazzling.

I promise you--buy these first two Helms and you'll buy all the rest. He was a true master.


John R. Platt said...

How cool that these are coming back into print. I found most of the Matt Helm novels in used bookstores way back in the Eighties. The copies were nasty, beat up and decaying even then. I'm not even sure I still own them, so it will be cool to replace them with nice new editions. (Loved the old covers, though!)

Ben Boulden said...

The Helm novels are among my favorite adventure spy thrillers (they put Bond to shame). It's great to see them back in print.

Mathew Paust said...

Thanks for the reminder, Ed. I read every one of Hamilton's Helm series I could get my hands on -- maybe all of them. My favorite was the first: Death of a Citizen. I'll bet I still have them in one of the many boxes of books I've stashed in the basement.

Another favorite was Ross Thomas, someone I hardly hear mentioned anymore.

Mathew Paust said...

Oops, I scrolled back up and saw the first one you list is indeed Death of a Citizen. Mea blinda

RJR said...

I got the first two from Titan and am looking forward to the rest. So happy that Helm and Travis McGee will be back in print. Takes me back to when I was reading them in my teens.