Sunday, January 25, 2015

Libby Fischer Hellmann My brush with The Imitation Game

My brush with The Imitation Game

 The Imitation Game

If you're like me, in addition to a reading addiction, you probably l

ove films. Maybe you've seen The Imitation Game
(It got 8 Oscar nominations!)

Part of the film was shot at Bletchley Park, which is the UK’s 
Government Code and Cypher School -- you know... 
code-breaking and espionage, which is right in my wheel house.

I visited Bletchley Park over the holidays and wrote several blog 
posts about it. If you want to start with the scenes in 
The Imitation Game, head here. If you want to start 
at the beginning and work your way through the series of
 posts (6 of them), head here.  
Did you catch Second Sunday?

Last time I mentioned that I now have a radio show 
called Second Sunday Crime.

My charming guest was award-winning author 
William Kent Krueger. Once you get past the little hiccup 
in the beginning -- still learning the ropes, don't you know -- 
 I think you'll really enjoy it.You can catch the podcast here.

Mark your calendar for the next show on February 8 when 
I interview British thriller author Zoe Sharp. She’s coming 
across the pond to be the International Guest of Honor at the 
Love is Murder Conference.  Zoe writes about Charlie 
Fox, an ex-military woman who now does “close protection.” 
I highly recommend her thrillers.

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 An Image of Death On Sale Now!

An Image of Death On Sale Now!
An Image of Death On Sale Now!

I always want you to be in the know when one of my 
books goes on sale. This book holds a special place in 
my heart because it's a crossover novel that has both
 Ellie Foreman and Georgia Davis. It's the third 
(and my favorite) thriller in the Ellie Foreman series. 

In it, a videotape showing the murder of a young 
woman is dropped on Ellie’s doorstep one winter night. 
She and Georgia end up looking into the crime, 
and find out some things they probably wished 
they didn’t know about the Russian Mafia, diamond dealing
, and the repercussions of the USSR’s collapse. 

BTW, because of the characters, 
you could call An Image of Death a prequel to Nobody’s Child.

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