Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Autumn Dead/The Night Remembers from Stark House

Ed Gorman
In the meantime, this week we're shipping our 
first offering from the legendary Ed Gorman, 
a double volume of what the man
himself considers to be two of his very 

best books. 

If you've
never read an Ed Gorman novel before, 

here you'll find many of the trademarks 
of this long-time master: hard-bitten 
and lonely men driven to do what they 
have to do, a touch of 
nostalgia, strong characterization, 
and mystery, all adding up to compelling 
human drama.

Booklist's review of the new 
Stark House volume says "Gorman has 
honed his craft through the years, but he's 
been very good for a long time."
his craft through the years, but he's 
been very good 
for a long time."


Scott Cupp said...

I have said several times that THE AUTUIMN DEAD is my favorite mystery novel of the 1980's and as good as THE LAST GOOD KISS. If you do not have this, you need it. If you have it, read it again

RJR said...

Ed is better than "very good."