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Alan Guthrie's Thuggish Thirteen

Allan Guthrie’s Thuggish Thirteen—Brit Grit Part 3 From AsheditFor the rest go here:

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I am beyond thrilled to welcome Allan Guthrie to Ashedit. I asked Allan for “a few words” on the current state of British crime fiction and he delivered a microcosm of space and time in 13 paragraphs—a feat not unlike stuffing a battleship into a bottle. Allan’s name comes up time and again whenever British crime fiction is mentioned. He is the author of 5 novels, including a Top Ten Amazon Bestseller. His debut novel was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger award and went on to win the Theakston’s Crime Novel Of The Year in 2007. He was also nominated for an Edgar Award. When he’s not writing, Allan is a literary agent with Jenny Brown Associates. A complete list of his credits appears at the end of this feature.

Thuggish Thirteen:

Ray Banks, originally from Kirkcaldy but now living in Edinburgh, is part Ted Lewis, part Bukowski, part Palahniuk, and a whole lot Ray Banks. He’s best known for a 4-book series featuring Manchester-based, uprooted Scot, Callum Innes, that might just be the most realistic depiction of a British PI you’ll find. The last book, BEAST OF BURDEN, is just out now in the US and it’s one very brave piece of crime writing. He just released an ebook novella, GUN, which is an excellent introduction to his writing.

David Belbin made his name as a writer of YA fiction. His debut adult crime novel, BONE AND CANE, is set in Nottingham against the backdrop of the 1997 general election, and follows the intersecting storylines of Nick Cane, an ex-con just released after serving a sentence for growing wholesale quantities of cannabis, and Sarah Bone, his ex-girlfriend and Labour MP. Belbin hit the ground running with this book, scoring an Amazon UK #1, and there’s a lot of publisher support for the next book in the series. Very smart crime fiction, potentially as ambitious as David Peace’s RED RIDING QUARTET.

Tony Black’s another Scot with grit in abundance. His series about Edinburgh-based dypso-journo Gus Dury started with PAYING FOR IT and now runs to four books. Black conveys a remarkable sense of place, and Gus Dury – a man who’s never short of an opinion or two – is an excellent guide to the city. The first in a new police procedural series TRUTH LIES BLEEDING is just out as well, and Black has a novella pending with Pulp Press.

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