Saturday, August 20, 2011

DYING MEMORIES by Dave Zeltserman

In ten years Dave Zeltserman has just about covered the waterfront with the range of his novels and stories. In so doing he's created at least three neo-noir masterpieces, done both Rex Stout and Bram Stoker one better, and now he's edged into territory previously the province of the late Richard Condon.

Dying Memories is a flat-out conspiracy novel with an engine that never falters. The story starts in the first sentence and pushes relentlessly to the last sentence. No detours get in the way.

Murders and mysterious e mails lead reporter Bill Conway to a corporation named VIGen whose stated business may sound innocent but isn't. What raises the novel above many conspiracy novels is that Zeltserman is able to keep thrilling us while at the same time seriously examining how human beings are being subjected to experiments and critical intrusions by both corporations and government. He always manages to give us some new twists on being framed for murder.

Think of such great thrillers as North By Northwest and Charade and the early novels of Michael Crichton. The pleasure comes from putting all the pieces together until the smashing climax. If you're up for great intelligent read, this is it. And for only $2.99 wherever e books are sold.

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