Friday, August 05, 2011

Henry Kutnner mysteries! and much much more from Haffner Press

Greetings, everybody!

Recent press releases from Haffner Press were done with html graphics, but there's so much to report from the Secret Moon Base this time around that we're going back to straight text to get this incredible news to you ASAP. Getting to it:

1) THE MICHAEL GRAY MURDERS — A New Henry Kuttner & Catherine L. Moore Book Coming in 2012.
We are announcing this massive collection of four novels from the greatest husband-wife writing team in genre history. This 700+page volume collects the four paperbacks from the late 1950s featuring San Fransisco's consulting psychoanalyst Michael Gray:
The Murder of Ann Avery
The Murder of Eleanor Pope
Murder of a Mistress
Murder of a Wife
Aside from a 1980s reprint of Murder of a Wife, this is the first hardcover edition of these texts and we are working with a vintage paperback artist for an original cover. So, as has become de rigueur at Haffner Press, you can order THE MICHAEL GRAY MURDERS as part of . . .

2) BONUS CHAPBOOK with PREORDER of Three Recently Announced Mystery Titles.
Visit to see the special $120 offer for the first three mystery releases for 2012. As with previous offers, customers who prepay for THE COMPLETE JOHN THUNSTONE, THE COMPLETE I.V. FROST, and THE MICHAEL GRAY MURDERS will receive an exclusive bonus chapbook with contributions from out four authors involved with these three books. What's the connection? Preorder the combo to find out!

3) SHANNACH—THE LAST: FAREWELL TO MARS Heading to the Printer!
Speaking of preorder combos, we are soon to ship SHANNACH—THE LAST: FAREWELL TO MARS by Leigh Brackett and customers who took advantage of the 2010 preorder for this title (along with TERROR IN THE HOUSE by Henry Kuttner and Edmond Hamilton's THE UNIVERSE WRECKERS and CAPTAIN FUTURE, VOLUME TWO) will also be receiving the Bonus Chapbook: AN INSIDE LOOK: PLANS FOR THE CREATION OF FUTURES PAST.

In the run-up to the publication of SHANNACH—THE LAST: FAREWELL TO MARS, we have special Facebook page here which is being periodically updated with vintage editorial comments on many Brackettales. Check it out here:

Still speaking of combos, at we are still soliciting preorders for the exclusive bonus chapbook featuring rare texts and associated ephemera from several contributors to the above titles. Shipping is FREE to the Continental USA and we will ship the books as they are published with the chapbook accompanying the release of TALES OF SUPER-SCIENCE FICTION.

AT THE HUMAN LIMIT is already available and selling fast. We will withdraw this offer when either AT THE HUMAN LIMIT is out of print or we take possession from the bindery of THUNDER IN THE VOID (which is due in November). Don't miss out on this opportunity to get this exclusive chapbook.

We now have all the components for the 75-copy autographed/slipcased edition of the final volume of this remarkable series. Roughly 18 copies remain of this $150 edition, which is:
Limited to 75 copies
Bound in custom-dyed Eshbach Blue Cloth matching the 1940s-50s Fantasy Press editions of Williamson's works
Housed in a matching Eshbach Blue Cloth Slipcase
Numbered limitation sheet with a mounted Jack Williamson autograph and signed by introducer Connie Willis & cover artist Ralph McQuarrie
6) Update on Jack Williamson Fund Raising Books
The 200 copies of THIRTY-YEARS OF THE JACK WILLIAMSON released during the Lectureship and autographed by several attendees have all been sold. We have additional unsigned stock on hand and we will keep the price at $19.00. Proceeds go to the Williamson Lectureship Fund. Visit to order, and check out the "LOOK INSIDE" listing for the book on here:

We still have about 80 copies of the 2007 memorial book, IN MEMORY OF WONDER'S CHILD. This edition is autographed by MANY contributors and one they're gone . . . they're gone. The price is $15, order here: Proceeds from this book go to the Blanche and Jack Williamson Scholarship Fund.

That's all for now, astrogators (and future gumshoes!).

Thanks for all your business and support over the years. 2011 has been our best (and busiest!) year ever, and 2012 will be even greater. We're honored to have you along for the ride.

Keep Watching the Skies!

Stephen Haffner
Big Poobah

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