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Saw "Used Cars" again last night so decided to re run this one: Jack Warden

Monday, July 24, 2006


Back in the days when I had my old blog, I noted the deaths of actors who’d given me hours of particular pleasure.  Ted Knight, Robert Mitchum, Teresa Wright were among my favorites.   We need all the momentary pleasures we can find in this vale of tears.  And even though I didn’t know any of the people I bade goodbye, I felt the loss on an almost personal level. 

    Tonight I’m saying my goodbye to Jack Warden, certainly one of the two or three best character actors of his generation.  While the movie sites are listing all the A+ movies he appeared in, I have my own list of his great performances –BYE BYE BRAVERMAN; USED CARS; SHAMPOO; THE SPORTING CLUB; THE APPRENTICESHIP OF DUDDY KRAVITZ, to name just a few. 

    And ... for true Jack Warden fans ... his CBS-TV Sunday night series Crazy Like A Fox.  I know – it wasn’t The Rockford Files.  It was TV-lite.  But he made it wonderful.  Carol and I would tape the shows so we could see them again the very next night.  Just to watch him act.  He was a wonderful comic actor as well as a powerful dramatic one.  He had a particularly great line when his frustrated son told him that his office was a mess as was his life.  Harry Fox: “Son, you gotta learn to rise above the details.”  That is the wisdom I live by.  I rise above the details every day.

    Hours and hours and hours of Jack Warden dating back to the the mid-1950s and live TV.  Never saw him phone one in or not know exactly how to inhabit the character.  So long, Jack and thanks for all pleasure your immeasurable talent gave me.


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Dana King said...

He was a favorite of mine, too. I'd smile anytime I saw his name in the opening credits.