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In This Issue:  February 27, 2014

•  REIGN OF THE ROBOTS, Coll. Hamilton #4


•  JOHN THUNSTONE Limited Edition

•  2014 Jack Williamson Lectureship


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NEW IN STOCK: The Reign of the Robots, Coll. Hamilton #4
reign of the robotsTHE REIGN OF THE ROBOTS, THE COLLECTED EDMOND HAMILTON, VOLUME FOURIntroduction by Mike AshleySome feedback and links to reviews on this fast-selling title:"Thanks to Haffner Press and Stephen Haffner for putting out such handsome, lovingly produced editions of often formulaic and unabashedly pulpy but visionary, and sometimes seminal, early stories." —Alvaro Z. Irvine, CA."...shows Hamilton with about 5 years of writing for pay under his belt, and contains both his old hyperbolic space opera and a few quieter, more introspective pieces. Its mostly sci-fi, but there is a genuine weird tale, and a little vampire story. Best of all, its enjoyable reading from start to finish...Adding to this is the collection of letters to the editor of the various magazines Hamilton was published in: it's like a really slow moving internet forum, only far more literate and with fewer smileys and links to cat pictures. Mort Weisinger, Forry Ackerman, Lin Carter: all these names appear here putting a point of view. Its great stuff, even with the odd glacial speed flame war or two." —John Middleton., Brisbane, Australia.

This book is also offered as part of an "early bird combo" with THE COLLECTED CAPTAIN FUTURE VOLUME THREE and THE SIX SLEEPERS, THE COLLECTED EDMOND HAMILTON, VOLUME FIVE along with an exclusive chapbook, TIGER GIRL.  Details at

NEW IN STOCK: Captain Future, Volume Three
Introduction by Chuck Juzek 
Some feedback and links to reviews on this cosmic tome:"This is science fiction in the grand tradition,namely space opera .the characters are good and quirky.the stories are larger than life and that dialogue is just fun to read." —Bobby D., Henderson, TX.

"I’m a huge Edmond Hamilton fan and some of his best writing can be found in these Haffner tomes. Yes, this is pulp writing, but pulp writing at high level. The original covers are reproduced and there’s a nice selection of interior illustrations included, too. If you’re in the mood for some Sense of Wonder early Science Fiction, you’ll find it here!" —George K., 
North Tonawanda, NY.

"Terrific stuff. My first intro to Captain Future was through re-issues of the pulp tales as paperbacks back in the late 60s or early 70s. Total fun to read!" —Bob K., Waukesha, WI.

This book is also offered as part of an "early bird combo" with THE REIGN OF THE ROBOTS, THE COLLECTED EDMOND HAMILTON, VOLUME FOUR and THE SIX SLEEPERS, THE COLLECTED EDMOND HAMILTON, VOLUME FIVE along with an exclusive chapbook, TIGER GIRL.  Details at

NOW SHIPPING - Complete John Thunstone - Signed Ltd. Ed.
Thunstone Limited Dustjacket
Dustjacket for Limited Edition
Romance in BlackHoused in a matching Black Arrestox-cloth slipcase, the 100-copy Limited Edition of THE COMPLETE JOHN THUNSTONE by Manly Wade Wellman features a Raymond Swanland-illustrated limitation sheet signed by Ramsey Campbell (intro), Raymond Swanland (cover artist), and Stephen Haffner (editor). 

The book is printed with variant endpapers from the trade edition,
wrapped in an exclusive dustjacket showcasing the original art, and will also ship with a rolled copy of the trade edition dustjacket. 

An exclusive chapbook, ROMANCE IN BLACK, collects all five of Wellman's "Judge Pursuivant" stories with interior illustrations byGeorge Evans (originally done for Carcosa's Lonely Vigils) with never-before-published art for "Chastel," the last Pursuivant story from 1979. (The cover is from an extremely rare British WWII-era pamphlet from Utopia Publications.)

Finally, should you decide to add this mighty package to your library, you will receive an authentic autograph of Manly Wade WellmanTHE CHOICE IS YOURS: This autograph will be *cut* from one of Wellman's personal checks and mounted to the limitation sheet, OR you may choose to receive the whole *un-cut* check laid loosely into the book.  Only a few unreserved copies remain.

  Daryna Jones & Arthur M. Dula to be 2014 Jack Williamson Lectureship GOH's!
The 38th Annual Jack Williamson Lectureship on April 3-4, 2014 

Guest of Honor: Darynda Jones (The Charley Davidson Series. The Darklight Trilogy)
Special Guest: Arthur M. (Art) Dula, space lawyer, patent attorney, and the literary executor for science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein.  He is also chairman and founder of the private spaceflight computer, Excalibur Almaz.

 The Wide World of Speculative Fiction!

• 6:00 pm Reading by Darynda Jones 
• 9:30-11:30 am  Readings by visiting authors
• 12-Noon  Luncheon ($10, payable at door, reservations are required)

• 3-6 pm  
 SF/Fantasy Panels  
(topics are tentative)   
   -The Art of SF/Fantasy Illustration
   -Science in Heinlein and Early SF (with a focus of Frederik Pohl)   -Short-Attention Span Panel   -Advice for Beginning Writers   -Young Adult Speculative Fiction   -New Directions in SF/Fantasy Film and Fiction

Reservations for the lectureship luncheon can be made by calling 575.562.2315 or emailing

Daryna                                                           Jones

Arthur                                                           Dula
Murder Draws A Crowd
To borrow a phrase: 
"It's almost soup!"

We'll have a much more informative update once MURDER DRAWS A CROWDgoes to the printer, but right now we wanted to share that:• The retail price for MURDER DRAWS A CROWD will likely be $45 on publication, so placing a $40 single-copy preorder (or take advantage of the$105 Fredric Brown/Howard Browne combo at is strongly recommended.
• The manuscript for MURDER DRAWS A CROWD has been proofread.  That's 744 pages, mon frere.
• Jack Seabrook has delivered a knock-out introduction.
• Artwork from the original pulps for all 38 stories are refurbished and set in the layout.
• Recently discovered artwork for Brown's "V.O.N. Munchdriller's" stories from THE DRILLER magazine have been acquired.

• Sixty (yes, 60!) fresh images for the "Williams Z. Williams" stories from EXCAVATING ENGINEER will soon be in hand.
• A high-resolution image of the dynamic original art by Norman Saunders from VARIETY DETECTIVE 1938 (and TEN DETECTIVE ACES, 1947 apparently) has been procured.

 Variety        ten detective aces
(Images from Phil Stephensen-Payne, Galactic Central Publications.)

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