Friday, March 14, 2014




by Gary Lovisi, Publisher

    It's been a dream of mine for over 25 years -- since I first began
publishing Paperback Parade -- my collectable paperback magazine -- way back
in 1986 to have the entire issue in full color. It was a dream because the
cost for color printing was just insane so it was a dream I never thought
would come true. Now after 25 years the technology has caught up with my
desire and color has become somewhat more affordable and we have a beautiful
new issue of paperback Parade #85, just out -- in FULL GLORIOUS COLOR!
    Thanks to the hard work of ace designer Richard Greene, the magazine has
a great new look, 2-columns, full color 100+ pages on quality paper -- all
to better show the wonderful gorgeous cover art on collectable and vintage
paperbacks. Of course this issue has the usual excellent articles readers
have expected form PP -- and now amazing color covers that make each turn of
the page a fun-fest pulp extravaganza!
    In this issue I am proud to present the usual great stuff, 20 pages of
"Paperback Talk" with news, new books, letters, and more, then "The Literary
Life of Dr. J. Calvitt Clarke" by J. Calvitt Clarke III, the life of a
fascinating man who wrote many socially aware but often risque books and
also crime novels in 1920s-30s, some of which became sexy digest paperbacks
in the 1950s. There is an appreciation of SF writer Neal Barrett Jr. by Jon
D. Swartz, an interesting cover swipe by Alex Henzel; "The Life and Death of
Rik Davis" by Dale Brunfield, a beat poet who wrote sleaze as Jack Vast; Guy
Endore the author of The Werewolf of Paris; a look at crime author Bruno
Fischer by Ed Lynskey; and "Hard-boiled Paradise" by Gary Lovisi, my own
examination of hard crime classic vintage paperbacks -- each page
illustrated with full color covers from dozens and dozens of rare and very
cool books! It's a feast for the eyes!
    Paperback Parade #85 is available for $15 + postage ($3 in USA), or you
can take out a 3-issue subscription for $40 in the USA; $55 in Canada; all
other foreign $65.
    You can pay with check, money order, or use VISA, Mastercard, or Paypal.
To find out more info see my website:
    Next issue there are more changes in store, such as new perfect binding
and more great color covers! If you like reading or collecting books this is
a magazine you should be getting. I hope you will give it a try.
Gary Lovisi
Gryphon Books
PO Box 280209
Brooklyn, NY 11228

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