Monday, March 10, 2014

Margaret Maron Past Imperfect


The name Margaret Maron isn't usually found on lists of  the finest hard boiled even noirish crime fiction writer but as her latest reissue from Oconee Spirit Press demonstrates she deserves to be.

In Past Imperfect Maron takes us into the heart of 90s New York City (think sleaze everywhere) and embroils Sigrid Harald, one of the police procedural's most fascinating characters,  in a case that appears to be simply about the murder of an off duty police officer.

But this is a case with echoes involving the long ago death of her own father. Making his passing vivid and timely is the internal investigation report written by a black officer whose comments provide suspenseful counterpoint to Harald's present day investigation.

Marion is a fine stylist, a subtle yet powerful storyteller and an experienced guide through the vale of tears we all trod through.

This is my favorite of the Harald novels I've read so far.


Tony Renner said...

Probably meaningful in the context of the book but why mention that it was a "black officer" in the review?

Sounds like a good read, though.

Ed Gorman said...

In the book it's relevant, Tony. At least to me.