Friday, September 09, 2011

Movie Peeves - Shut The F**k Up!

This is from The Wrap - Kent Youngblood for the whole piece go here:

I knew what bothered me but after asking for moviegoer pet peeves I was inundated with a host of other complaints -- some serious, some very funny. Seems like everyone has a tale to tell about a bad moviegoing experience. Here are 10 of the most interesting pet peeves I received:

1) Wearing enough cologne that I can track your scent. Or not taking a bath in a week and having your stink surround me. Either way my sense of smell is irreparably damaged.

2) Going with someone who has already seen the movie. They think they have to tell you what's happening. Thank you, but I’m intelligent enough to figure it out.

3) When nearly the whole theater is empty and the only other people that come to see the movie sit right next to you. It’s an empty theater, spread out!!

4) Couples that need to get a room. A little PDA is fine but when you’re going at it in front of me, that’s something I don’t want to see. Two movie tickets do not equal a cheap motel.

5) People who get to the front of the concession line and then don’t know what to order. It’s a movie theater! Unless you’re from Mars, you know what they have.

6) People who try to make witty comments during the movie thinking they’re funny. If you were any good you’d be creating what was on the screen and not in the back row of the cineplex.

7) People playing with candy wrappers all through the movie. We understand you’re OCD but just throw your Twizzlers wrapper in the trash.

8) Continual sniffling, coughing and clearing your throat drives me crazy. If you’re sick you shouldn’t be in the theater in the first place. Go home, take some Nyquil and zone out in front of the TV.

9) People sitting behind you who decide to rest their feet on the seat next to yours or on your seat back. Touch my seat again and you’re going to lose that foot.

10) People who clap after the movie. Who/what are they clapping for? Fanboys are notorious for this. Maybe it’s some sort of geeky ritual, only nerds understand.


Prashant C. Trikannad said...

I felt as if I had written the ten moviegoer's pet peeves. Since I haven't I'll take the liberty of expanding it to include flashing your mobile in the dark and talking loudly; entering the theatre five minutes after the credits have rolled and blocking your view; reentering the theatre five minutes after the interval and blocking your view again; breaking into sudden fits of laughter when the scene scarcely demands it; bringing your five-year old to see Inception; arguing with the steward for bringing the wrong snack order; and then munching noisily. I have painted a rather annoying picture of the Indian moviegoer now, haven't I?

Mike Dennis said...

Yes, don't exclude the person who diddles with his/her cellphone through the whole movie, creating that annoying rectangle of bright light.