Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Reasoner Western Collection Now Available: Texas Rangers

New Reasoner Western Collection Now Available: Texas Rangers

Ed here: I've not only read a lot of James' westerns I've bought more than a few of his short stories. There's nobody better at the form. Order it now.

I have a new collection available as an e-book from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. TEXAS RANGERS brings together seven short stories and novelettes that have appeared in various anthologies during the past 25 years. Three of them feature Cobb, a tough, enigmatic, lone wolf Ranger who always seems to find himself in bizarre, dangerous situations. The other four stories are centered around Captain John S. "Rip" Ford and the Old Company, who patrol the perilous frontier of South Texas during the 1850s. A number of the incidents in the Rip Ford stories are drawn from incidents described by Ford in his memoirs, and I've tried to make them fairly accurate historically. There's plenty of action, as you might expect, and I think they're pretty good yarns. Check 'em out!


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