Friday, August 30, 2013


1. Tell us about your current novel or project.
DEAD, WHITE AND BLUE, 24th in the Death on demand series, was published
in May. It was fun because I built the mystery around two missing persons
and the question became: Where Is the Body? Also newly republished are three
stand alone suspense novels. Two American sisters try to evade the
Gestapo in Occupied Paris in ESCAPE FROM PARIS. A teenager opposes the Viiet
Nam War yet reveres his military dad in NO EASY ANSWERS. In BRAVE HEARTS, lovers
cling to each other amid chaos after the fall of the Phillipines to the
Japanese. Coming in October is GHOST GONE WILD. The late Bailey Ruth
Raeburn returns to earth to help a scruffy young man someone wants to shoot but
this time Bailey Ruth may never make it back to Heaven.

 2. Can you give us a sense of what you're working on now?
  I am in the last third of GHOST IN TIME. Bailey Ruth Raeburn plunges
into  a puzle masking a puzzle in hopes of saving an innocent student from a
muirder charge.

3. What is the greatest pleasure of a writing career?
Having written. I am always panicked that I won't be able to finish a book. I work with
a sense of desperation. The happiest moment for me is when I complete the
first draft and then it is sheer fun to rewrite. I have the book and
now I have the luxury of changing and improving.

 4. The greatest displeasure?
 Being out of an idea.

5. Advice to the publishing world?
 Stop pressuring authors to become Internet stars. Let them use their
 energies and talents to write.

6. Are there any forgotten writers you'd  like to see in print again?
Mary Roberts Rinehard isn't forgotten but she isn't available in print

 7. Tell us about selling your first novel.
 I wrote The Secret of the Cellars, a mystery for girls eight to
twelve, which won a contest sponsored by Dodd Mead and Calling all Girls.

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