Friday, October 03, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Court Spares Life of Dog That Bit Man...

Cop who tortured  more than 100 blacks leaves prison after only 4 years
(that good ole merican justice system)

GOP candidate from 'Duck Dynasty' clan blames Richard Dawkins, atheists
for Sandy Hook massacre

Oops! Cops raid Georgia man’s home after mistaking okra for weed

Cops kill Georgia grandpa in no-knock raid triggered by burglary
suspect’s tip

Jefferson would be repulsed by Justice Scalia — and Cenk explains it

Deathpocalypse now! Stephen Colbert ridicules Fox News’ fear-mongering
Ebola buffoonery

Foster parent filmed himself sexually abusing a 6-week-old premature
baby: FBI

‘Sovereign citizen’ tells traffic court he doesn’t exist: ‘My mom never
gave birth to me’

Rachel Maddow dissects multiple ‘unsettling’ missteps in handling of
first US Ebola case

Fox host blames Obama and Holder’s Ferguson comments for 20-year-old
‘Copwatch’ group

Jon Stewart: GOP is distracting you with non-problems instead of actual
‘bad sh*t’

Upper West Side residents take aim at outdoor wine bar where ‘Internet
people’ meet up

WV cop filmed videos of daughter dressed as police officer and marching
to Klan anthem

ANOTHER couple arrested for public sex at FL retirement community...


TV documentary reveals lucrative dog meat trade in Vietnam...

Teens arrested in 920 chicken deaths...
Nik Wallenda Adds Blindfold To Skyscraper Tightrope Walk...

Two Teachers Accused In Sex Abuse Of Same Student

Applebee's Customer Punches 80-Year-Old: Cops

Girl Missing For 12 Years Rescued Near Mexico City

Woman Spends A Month In Jail After Cops Mistake SpaghettiOs For Meth

Couple Who Allegedly Had Sex On Murdered Bodies 'Couldn't Get Off'

Bodybuilding Christian Swingers Start Sex Website

Fish With Human Teeth Caught In Russian River

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