Thursday, October 09, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Black teen in white foster home pepper-sprayed by police who mistook
him for burglar
(nothing racist about cops)

Duck Dynasty clan candidate claims ‘YOLO’ motto is an atheist
conspiracy ‘brainwashing a generation’
(a collective iq off 42)

NC pastors on Jimmy Carter’s 90th birthday: He could ‘go to hell’ for
making Jesus a gay-loving ‘hippy’

St. Louis Cardinals fans clash with Ferguson protesters: ‘Let’s go

Tea Party gadfly can’t back up his Obama conspiracies, even on a
conservative network

CNN legal analyst explodes over ‘inherent’ police racism: ‘This is what
it’s like to be a black person’

Bernie Sanders: Forbes 400 shows ‘incredible and obscene’ wealth gap in
‘Walmart economy’

NYPD cops pistol-whip cowering teenage pot suspect after foot chase

During Clay Aiken debate, GOP rep. claims US was ‘founded on’ man-woman

Catholic League chief Bill Donahue: Liberals defend Islam because they
don't like Jews
(four or five years in Arkham Asylum this sweaty old bastard'll be fine)

Ebola case in Spain fuels fear of European outbreak: 'People are
freaked out'

Colorado Supreme Court clears way for same-sex marriage in the state

Open carry enthusiast robbed at gunpoint: ‘I like your gun. Give it to
(member that nra line--the only thing you need to stop a bad guy with a
gun is a good guy with a gun?)

Florida stripper attacks boyfriend with an ax: 'She drinks and drinks
at work'

Florida man sets terminally ill dad on fire: ‘The whole bed was burning’

Florida inmate found beaten to death one day after her aunt reported
guard’s threats

Another Comcast horror story: Accountant says cable company cost him
his job

Noam Chomsky: Rise of Islamic State stems from U.S. ‘sledgehammer’
against Iraq

Mayor calls off California City Council meeting over CopWatch
activist’s ‘F*ck the Police’ hat

Rep. Tom Cotton Says ISIS And Mexican Cartels Collaborating To Invade
(this guy was obviously alien abducted and anal probed at some point)

Watch How Racist St. Louis Cardinals Fans Treat Michael Brown Protesters

'Get Real!': CNN's Sonny Hostin Explodes At White Analyst Who Denies
'Inherent Racism' By Police

George Will Gets Cancelled From College For Offensive 'Rape' Op-Ed

Wingnut Lt. Col. Tells Cavuto Syrians Are Saying 'Please Bomb Us, We'd
Rather Be Bombed Than Dead'
(how about you parachuting in holding a bomb)

Homeland Discussion: Drone Queen “..Find Me A Way To Spin This!”

Colbert Frets That Media's Fearmongering Over Ebola Isn't Working
(he wants MORE fear mongering)

Mike Huckabee Threatens To Leave The GOP Over Gay Marriage
(how about leaving the planet you cynical creep?)

Conservatives outraged after college rescinds invitation to George Will
over offensive rape column

‘Republican’ punk rockers troll conservatives with ironic ‘Obama’ video

GOP backer attacks Florida Dem’s ‘work ethic’ for ‘having babies’ while
she’s in office

Road-raging off-duty Detroit cop arrested for brandishing Glock at
family in minivan

Fighting the wage gap: Sarah Silverman gets a penis to avoid $500,000
vagina tax

Scientists sound alarm over ocean acidification

Teenage foster son arrested after veteran Alaska public radio host shot

Oklahoma Republican: Muslims can’t be trusted if they practice Islam

Anti-Muslim Florida pastor wears ‘Nuke ISIS’ shirt to court for ‘Koran
burning’ case

Minn. rep. confronts GOP opponent: ‘I don’t need an assault rifle to
shoot a duck. Maybe you do.’

Justice Anthony Kennedy blocks same-sex marriages from beginning in

Alabama grandparents arrested after department store brawl with mall cop

NYPD cop takes $1,300 from man, pepper-sprays him in the face when he complains

‘Get it on film’: NYC cop under investigation for punching teen out over a cigarette

Attorney shuts down police stop of black handyman: ‘Now please leave our neighborhood’

Kentucky warns Noah’s Ark-based amusement park over hiring practices

Sports talk host mocks Mitch McConnell after ‘needlessly angry’ interview

Satanic Temple fires early shots in ‘war on Christmas’ to ensure time for legal challenges

White off-duty policeman kills black teen in St Louis, triggering fresh protests

Indiana man shoots and kills wife, himself on their wedding night

Georgia ‘sovereign citizen’ gets 4 life terms for raping 9-year-old girl

Australian woman survives for 17 days lost in rainforest

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