Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Florida man arrested by impatient cop as credit card verification
stalls at nightclub

Police departments using private funds to buy spy tech originally
developed for the CIA

Oft-cited ‘total *sshole’ physicist credited in scientific literature
is a fake

‘Grow a spine!’: Huckabee explodes at GOP for giving up as gays break
‘nature’s law’ of marriage

Man on week-long acid trip ends crime spree after victim takes him to

NIH director: We’d have an Ebola vaccine by now if not for budget cuts

Wiwa Indians killed by lightning during a tribal ceremony in Colombia
to be left unburied

Oklahoma man will keep Obama tombstone in Halloween display despite

WATCH: NASA excitedly prepares for ‘once in a lifetime’ viewing of
comet narrowly missing Mars

Billions set aside for post-Saddam Iraq turns up in Lebanese bunker

Disgruntled employee steals train, goes on joyride before colliding
with another train

Alabama school makes 5-year-old sign contract stating she won’t kill or
commit suicide

Prescription drugs flushed into the environment could be cause of
wildlife decline: study

Blasphemy! Paul Krugman rates Obama’s legacy as more ‘consequential’
than Reagan’s

NY Comic Con embraces consent with zero tolerance ‘keep your hands to
yourself’ policy

Elizabeth Warren: Obama sided with Wall Street over people losing their

Edward Snowden: State surveillance in Britain beyond anything seen in
the US

Britain to hunt for King Harold's body to test theory about his death

Texas health worker with Ebola wore full protective gear

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Thunderbirds Are Go! as remake launches with a bang

Hip-hop therapy is new route to mental wellbeing, say psychiatrists

Mom tried to kill daughters after receiving ‘end of the world’ messages
from estranged pastor husband

Elizabeth Warren: Obama sided with Wall Street over people losing their

Fox News guest: Upskirt victims ‘made a conscious choice to wear
certain clothes’

SNL: Racist reporter interviews ethnic teens at a virginity pledge rally

Fox News host grills Tony Perkins: ‘What’s the damage to you’ if your
neighbors are gay married?

Next time your creationist friends reject evolution, show them this

People against GMOs most likely have no idea what they are

Ohio pastor forced vasectomies, abortions because kids divert money
away from church: report

Forbidden fruit: Red state Internet searchers more likely to hunt for
porn, study finds

Fox News host proposes Ebola quarantine ‘centers’ for every city in the

Five scary Christopher Columbus quotes that let you celebrate the
holiday the right way

Reality TV star Jim Bob Duggar pushes birth control falsehood: The pill
‘can be abortive’

Illinois man stabbed elderly woman in grocery store because she was
black, police say

Parent upset teacher not fired for attacking evolution, comparing
public schools to Nazi death camps

The NY Times is so broke it's offering poorly researched, potentially
dangerous tours of Iran

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Cop's threat to AZ immigrant caught on video: 'If you do something, I
will kill you right here'

Sears pulls Swastika ring after Twitter outrage

GOP congressman: ‘I’m not talking about guns necessarily’ to fight a
Bible-based revolution

Right-wing Jimmy John’s forbids employees from making competitors’
sandwiches for two years

Salman Rushdie slams 'Islamophobe' label: It's right to be hostile to

REVEALED: NBC medical expert violated Ebola quarantine to get takeout

Men’s rights activist says ‘men will have their dicks severed’ at
all-female Portland comedy fest

Colorado family stunned: Cop breaks in, fatally shoots man in back, and
‘no one knows why’

Animal rights activists victorious as Supreme Court leaves California's
foie gras ban intact

Italian nurse accused of killing 38 patients because they were

Mocked by the conservative press, disabled man at Wendy Davis event
hits back on Facebook

Jon Stewart: Political fundraising emails like a ‘Nigerian prince
selling a Groupon deal for boner pills’

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