Friday, October 31, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

'Religious zealot' nearly beheads teen 'witch' after watching Christian
videos: police

Hidden camera reveals Florida nursing home aides abusing Alzheimer’s

The 25 scariest people who are making this Halloween the most frightful

Stephen Colbert beams up George Takei to save democracy

Washington court: Accused rapists should not bear burden of proving

Busted: Carpetbagger Scott Brown botches local New Hampshire question

Bill O’Reilly accuses Republicans of being ‘intimidated’ by Black people

Road-raging retired NYC cop opens fire on father-son duo, killing
younger man: police

TX judicial candidate: Let’s convince Black voters to spend ‘food stamp
money’ on election day

Jon Stewart: Texas is deep red, but Louie Gohmert is trying to turn it

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Texas teen lured to skate park for gay-bashing, then insulted by cops:

Alex Jones’ website: Global elites producing an army of ‘killer clowns’
through unemployment

'Bad ass kid' bursts into tears after pranking parents inform him he
has Ebola

Neuroscientists: Shroom-induced brain rewiring could hold the key to
fighting mental illness

Georgia cops humiliate trans man with ‘genital search’ threats after
traffic stop

Bodies of 3 young US citizens -- who were tied up and shot in the head
-- identified in Mexico

Texas GOP’s Greg Abbott met border militia leader busted days later
with explosives

Junk food for Jesus: Public school lets pastors, including sex
predator, meet kids at lunch

Professor sues former student after sexual assault claims ignite
multi-campus scandal

Motorbike stuntman who taunted California cops in viral video arrested

Nigerian child bride faces the death penalty for allegedly murdering
her husband

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Mathew Paust said...

Never dawned on me there were 25 Koch brothers.