Monday, October 27, 2014

headlines that shouldn't be true but are (a fe from last week)

English professor suspended 9 months for unfriendly body language,
sighing, and using irony

Caught on video: Philly cop threatens to ‘beat the sh*t’ out of teen
for looking him in the ‘f*cking eye’

St. Louis mayor dismisses open carry rally as 'a scene out of a bad

Florida man shoots pregnant wife in back of the head, claims it was

Gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church files legal brief to save Kansas
from God’s wrath

Pat Robertson: Oil investments are biblical because they don't send
'condoms through pipelines'

GOP candidate repeatedly refuses to explain her vote for Arizona
‘birther bill’

Defendant in KC prayer-group murder says his confession was tainted by

Popular radio host opened door to rough sex allegations with Facebook

Creationists to explore link between Hitler and evolution at Michigan
State conference

Florida man who attacked drag queen while wearing ‘ironic’ KKK costume
is running for mayor

John Oliver wants you celebrate Halloween by trolling Big Sugar with

Cops fire pepper balls into crowd to break up Phoenix protest against
police brutality

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's fast food math prompts lawsuit from labor

ISIS prison nightmare: Ex-hostages describe how jihadists tortured
captives before beheading them

Liberal or conservative? How your brain reacts to disgusting images
reveals your political affiliation

The 10 most conservative cities in America

Dr. Jane Goodall shares a banana with John Oliver and names a chimp
‘Poo-throw Hitler’

Reince Priebus deflects GOP’s abortion extremism with bizarre complaint
about Florida strip clubs

Indiana man shoots and kills 13-year-old neighbor for laughing at him

Is this violent passage from the Bible, Torah or Quran? Take this quiz!

Elon Musk: Developing artificial intelligence would be as dangerous as
‘summoning a demon’

Russell Brand rips media coverage of Renee Zellweger

More ‘Sons of Guns’ stars arrested: Pro-gun reality TV family charged
with child abuse

Wisconsin cops deploy armored vehicle to collect fines from 75-year-old
man for messy land

Chuck Todd: Jodi Ernst’s personhood amendment protects ‘unborn human

Catholic League leader calls for constitutional amendment banning gay

Republicans waiting on Jeb: Will another Bush run for the White House
in 2016?

Rachel Maddow rips Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for made-up Colorado vote
fraud ‘scandal’

The science of flirting

Quarantined nurse without Ebola symptoms: I’m being made to feel like
‘a criminal’

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Utah man shot and killed by SWAT team after calling suicide hotline

Annie Lennox avoids talking about lynching while talking about a song
about lynching

Bystanders at Dallas Airport stop antigay attack by piling on drunk

Two dead, six injured after shooter opens fire at Washington state high

Breitbart’s Gamergate defender: The Internet is in no way ‘specifically
hostile’ to women

Texas man charged with raping two girls, ages 2 and 14, infecting them
with HIV

JK Rowling promises new 'Harry Potter' story on Halloween

Plants can tell when they’re being eaten, and they don’t like it

Millions at risk of Ebola infection according to 'freakishly' accurate
prediction model

Russell Brand stuns BBC host by admitting he's 'open-minded' to 9/11
conspiracy theories

Sarah Palin: Media waged ‘war on women’ by laughing at my family’s
drunken brawl

Louisiana mayor who promised never to ‘embarrass this community’
arrested on child porn charges

Florida’s attorney general moves to stop lesbian couple from divorcing

Vandals destroy Okla. 10 Commandments monument by ramming it with a car

Indiana dad cleaning gun shoots 9-month-old son in the head, and
himself in the leg

Drudge Report hypes Alex Jones website froth about ‘disappeared’ Ebola

Some people think CrossFit is nutty -- and that makes CrossFit really

Rep. Steve King: ‘I don’t expect to meet’ any gays in heaven

Atheists plan to hand out ‘X-Rated’ Bible pamphlet at schools targeted
by Satanists

Misogynist group tries to divert anti-domestic violence donations to
its own hateful cause

Colorado reporter fact-checks Megyn Kelly: No, you can’t print ballots
from home

'Dead' hearts successfully transplanted in breakthrough by Australian

NYC cops attacked by hatchet-wielding man, stoking terrorism fears

Ancient human bone reveals when we bred with Neanderthals

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