Thursday, October 23, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

‘F*ck your ginseng!’  San Francisco tour guide’s racist Chinatown rant

School board chief won’t resign over racist videos: ‘Nothing illegal
about having bad taste’

Fox host tells supermodel to shut up about gun control: You have a
‘lovely bottom… stick to that’

Gamergate’s anti-woman agenda made clear: Actor Felicia Day threatened
for speaking up

Top VA GOP adviser unhinged on Facebook: Gay sex leaves men in diapers,
‘pooping their pants’

Idaho voters favor Republican plagiarist who lied about education and
marital history

Pat Robertson finds ‘atheist’ who says God cancelled her abortion

'Highly troubling': Justice Dept. slams local officials over Michael
Brown autopsy leak

California cop stole DUI suspect’s racy photos from her cell phone:

Meth witch? Arrested Oklahoma ‘Wiccan’ claims religious right to use

North Carolina judge resigns in protest after Supreme Court shoots down
same-sex marriage ban

What happens if the GOP takes control of the Senate?

Why don’t Millennials vote? Cartoonist Matt Bors has the answer

Millennials have the power to shape the Senate — if they would only vote

Relax, Democrats: We figured out how to get Millennials to vote

Election Night, hour by hour: A handy guide to Democratic disaster (or
miracle comeback!)

This scientist thinks cancer can be prevented— and even cured — through

Why Oregon is about to be the poster child for how to legalize and
regulate marijuana

Bristol Palin claims family's drunken brawl never happened, even after
audio proof released

Cornel West shoots down Sean Hannity: Republicans play the ‘race card,’

Sam Harris and Cenk Uygur debate whether Islam is a religion of violence

GOPer Don Young doubles down: Suicide is an ‘illness’ lazy people get
from government handouts

Colorado man admits to killing Montana teacher in cocaine frenzy

Washington soldier accused of gunning down wife because another man
bought her liquor

Border militia’s ‘commanding officer’ turns out to be a felon, arrested
on gun charge

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