Thursday, November 06, 2014

4 Elmore Leonard Novels from The 70s.


Ed here: This piece is lifted from George Kelly. This book includes my two favorite Leonard novels, 52 Pick-Up and Unknown Man No. 89. There were later books I liked but too much cuteness and self-consciousnessness had crept in for me to care much any more. I know--heresy. 

But I sure am going to get this particular volume.

George Kelly:
The Library of America has done it again! First they issued the quirky novels of Philip K. Dick (big sellers!) and then the LOA issued collections of noir novels, SF novels, and a popular H. P. Lovecraft book. The Library of America, best known for issuing volumes of Henry James and Herman Melville, obviously found that dabbling in Popular Culture pays Big Time.
Now, the LOA launches a series of Elmore Leonard novels. This collection includes Fifty-Two Pickup, Swag, Unknown Man No. 89, and The Switch. Of course, I have the original editions, but I can’t resist these Library of America volumes. And I really like the cover that reprints the original paperback artwork (LOA started this with the Philip K. Dick books). If you’re looking for a gift for that Elmore Leonard fan on your gift list, Elmore Leonard: Four Novels of the 1970s is perfect!

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RJR said...

This is Dutch at the height of his power. Pickup and 89 are also two of my favorites!!! Also City Primevil.