Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Jon Stewart rips Mitt Romney: Voters told you ‘Ixnay,’ but you’re still
‘talking it-shay’

Bernie Sanders to Stephen Colbert: I’m here to ‘frighten the
billionaire class’

Ferguson officer accused of raping pregnant woman: ‘You’re the type of
girl that can get me in trouble’

Idaho Christian faith healers — 12 kids have died since 2011, and
nobody’s doing anything about it

University won’t turn over video that shows campus cop gunning down
‘sarcastic’ student

Mystery virus that turned millions of starfish into goo is finally

NJ cop exposed himself to young men he stopped and let go without
tickets: police

Georgia man avoids jail after fatally shooting man guided by GPS to
wrong driveway

Minnesota couple admits to collecting welfare while living life of

Bill Maher bashes Mormon religion: It’s ‘based on a 19th century sex

Rush Limbaugh defends Bill Cosby against rape allegations: ‘It’s not
like he did it yesterday’

8 things you should never feed to dogs and cats

Georgia police arrest father and daughter accused of starving infant

Ferguson recordings show encounter lasted less than 90 seconds : report

Cenk Uygur on Glenn Beck’s mysterious illness and quack cure: ‘I’m not
buying it’

Bill Maher to Rand Paul: ‘I’m available to the Rand Paul campaign’

Catholic leaders in St. Paul hid evidence of priest’s child porn
collection from police for 16 years

8 surprising things that may be making Americans fat

L.A. school district claimed girl,14 , consented to sex with teacher

Adult film stars explain net neutrality and speculate about Ted Cruz's
porn habits

Police expert: War on terror has turned our cops into occupying armies
— and we’re the enemy

Men's rights activist: Civilization fails when women and their vaginas
are allowed in the workplace

Nicki Minaj ‘Nazi’ video was inspired by ‘hero’ Alex Jones, director

Women who have sex before marriage are like ‘filthy dishrags,’
California pastor roars

'He wasn't making a noise': Man engulfed in flames outside AZ
restaurant was calm, witness says

Oklahoma public school under fire for field trip to out-of-state
creationist zoo

How marijuana was used to shrink one of the most aggressive brain

Mich. medical marijuana card holder commits suicide after police 'witch
hunt' over pot 'butter'

Boston couple ‘sucker punches’ city worker because they don’t ‘take
sh*t from n*ggers’

Reza Aslan trashes biblical literalism: The gospels are absolutely
replete with errors

More guns, more crime: Stanford research undermines the NRA’s favorite

Darren Wilson supporters to buy #PantsUPdontLOOT billboard near site of
Ferguson shooting

‘The real world sucked’: The first multiplayer computer game was
invented as a political gesture

Atheist and proud: Former adult star Asia Carrera wears ‘Pastafarian’
colander for Utah license photo

Protesters mob courthouse where grand jury weighs Ferguson case: 'We
want an indictment'

Bernie Sanders: US may be at ‘tipping point’ where only ‘the
billionaire class’ picks presidents

Cops arrest ‘Philly Jesus’ after accusing him of begging in LOVE Park

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