Wednesday, November 05, 2014

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(This is one of Ed's best Westerns, and a top-notch mystery to boot. If you've never read any of his Westerns, grab this one and give it a try!)

Ed here: The people who read my westerns tell me they like this one because of the hardboiled edge and Marshal Ben Tully arrives in Pine City to find a double tragedy waiting for him: a lynch mob has taken a suspected murderer out of Tully's jail and hanged him—and the murder victim is Tully's wife!

Even though he's almost overwhelmed with grief, Tully's instincts as a lawman take over when he uncovers evidence that the man who was lynched may not be the one who killed his wife. It seems that nearly everyone in Pine City has secrets they don't want exposed, and the identity of Kate Tully's murderer is one of them. Ben Tully's investigation plunges him into a web of deceit, lust, and more murder as he risks his life to discover the truth about his wife's death!

In LYNCHED, master storyteller Ed Gorman has written another compelling Western mystery full of action and suspense.
mystery that keeps them turning the pages.

Lynched [Kindle Edition]

Ed Gorman 

Kindle Price:$2.99
Kindle Unlimited:Free

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