Monday, November 23, 2015

Gravetapping by Ben Boulden No Comment: "The November Man"

Gravetapping by Ben Boulden

Posted: 22 Nov 2015 08:37 AM PST
“It must be the same as deprogramming a Jesus freak: The intellectual argument never counted because there was no intelligence involved.”

—Bill Granger, The November Man (There are No Spies). Grand Central Publishing PB, 2014 (© 1986). Page 157. Lydia Neumann speaking to Margot Kieker.

[No Comment is a series of posts featuring passages that caught my attention. It may be the idea, the texture, or the presence that grabbed my eye. There is no analysis provided, and it invariably is out of context]

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RR@15037 said...

Without context, we cannot ascertain levels of irony, seriousness, or foolishness. I guess I have to read the book to find out. Hmmmm.