Wednesday, November 11, 2015

James Bond $73,000,000 Gorman $0-Stout & Christie

Ed here: I wrote last week that  I didn't much like James Bond books or movies. I should've mentioned that a few of the movies were fun and enjoyable for me. I'm noting that James Bond had one hell of a weekend. Mea culpa.

An Exclusive to Ed Gorman’s Blog
"The Lady and the King. . .Christie on Stout"
Devotees of Ed Gorman's Blog will enjoy this original publication of a May 10, 1972 signed missive from Dame Agatha Christie to my father John McAleer, while he was writing the future Edgar Award winner Rex Stout: A Biography.  Here Dame Agatha shares her thoughts on Stout, Nero Wolfe & Archie, her love of food, and what it's like to be an octogenarian.


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mybillcrider said...

Cool letter. I remember doing a little favor or two for John McAleer when he was working on that book, and I corresponded with him for several years.