Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bob Randisi wins award for literary excellence

Ed here: As many if not most of you know Robert J. Randisi
is as well known is westerns circles as he is in the mystery world.
Here's the post on his latest honor"

Heads up, everyone! Take a look at the latest winner for the PRESIDENT'S LITERARY EXCELLENCE AWARD from THE READWEST FOUNDATION, INC.! Out very own ROBERT J. RANDISI!Here is a little about the awards and how to submit a nomination, taken from their website, and below that, a short write-up about Bob and the link to his video interview--you won't want to miss this!

Congratulations to you, Bob, and here's to many, many more wonderful books from you.

ReadWest Awards for Literary Excellence

The ReadWest Foundation, Inc., presents four annual awards: the President's Award, which recognizes a major career contribution to excellence in Western literature; and three (3) Featured Author awards, which recognizes authors with current publications that clearly represent excellence in Western literature. Featured Author awards are given to authors of fiction and nonfiction.
The award winners are selected by the ReadWest Foundation officers and board of directors, and are announced in the summer of the award year. Nominations can be submitted to and must be received by December 31 prior to the year of publication of the author's next work.

2013 President's Award--Robert J. Randisi

Robert J. Randisi is the author of over 600 novels, many of them Westerns, and is the creator of the popular Gunsmith series of adult Western novels. More than 15 million copies of that series alone have sold. One of the most successful Western writers of our time, Randisi has written a book a month since 1982. All of these accomplishments made him an easy pick for this year's ReadWest President's Award.

Western Fictioneers is proud to announce that a collection of western stories by Robert J. Randisi is now available.  THE CAST-IRON STAR AND OTHER WESTERN STORIES brings together the finest tales of legendary Western author Robert J. Randisi, creator of The Gunsmith series. As one of the most prolific Western writers of all time, Randisi brings his trademark fast pace and flair for action to the stories in this volume, which include "The Cast-Iron Star", "The Story", "Three-Handed Winter", "Dancing on Air", "A Tall Man Hangs From a Short Rope", "The Knights of Liberty", "A Bad End", "Blood Trail to Dodge", and the original, novella-length version of "The Ghost With Blue Eyes". THE CAST-IRON STAR AND OTHER WESTERN STORIESis Western adventure at its best. 

Robert J. Randisi
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RJR said...

Many thanks for the plug, Ed.


Richard L. Pangburn said...

Mighty fine.

You might correct the typo above. I believe Randisi might be credited with over 60 novels rather than "600 novels."