Wednesday, June 05, 2013

SF/Fantasy Giant Jack Vance was also Edgar-winning mystery author


Ed here: A few days ago Do Some Damage ran 
this informative piece on Jack Vance's mystery 
career. Here's writer Brian Lindenmuth:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jack Vance's contributions to the mystery genre

 or Jack Vance was an Edgar winner too!

A giant of American genre fiction, Jack Vance, has died.

Vance is well known for his science fiction and fantasy works. He arguably invented the dying earth sub-genre and influenced generations of science fantasy writers, without Vance you don't have Gene Wolfe for example. The style of magic he developed in his fiction would be one of the prime influences on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (pdf) (gamers began to refer to it as Vancian Magic).

He was an accomplished musician, a merchant marine, a traveler. You name it and he did it. And did it damn well too.

So Vance's SF/F bonafides are solid. But the man won an Edgar for Best First Novel in 1962 dammit and deserves to be recognized by this community too. That's what I want to briefly focus on today, Jack Vance's contributions to the mystery genre.

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