Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Confessions of Al Capone by Loren D. Estleman

Loren D. Estleman The Confessions of Al Capone

The Confessions of Al Capone [Hardcover]

June 11, 2013

Multiple award-winner Loren D. Estleman has produced a major biographical novel on the infamous Mobster known as Scarface, rigorously researched and deftly nuanced to offer an intimate portrait of the gangster whose terrible crimes and larger-than-life persona have both fascinated and appalled the world for nearly a century; whose legacy is still widely debated; and whose brutally ambitious career in the Mafia continues to inspire filmmakers and writers to plumb its excesses and its contradictions.

In 1944, after Al Capone has been released from prison, J. Edgar Hoover assigns an FBI junior agent to insinuate himself into Capone's life and gain his trust so that Hoover can nail as many of Capone's Mob confederates as possible. Capone, suffering from the neurological effects of syphilis, is alternately lucid, full of the passion and energy that fueled his rise to the pinnacle of American crime…and rambling or ranting, the broken shell of a man released from prison so he could die at home with his family.

With the superb narrative gifts honed in dozens of novels, Estleman has captured the essence of this American icon as never before. With subtly nuanced portrayals of those in Capone’s circle—his underrated wife Mae Capone, members of the Chicago Outfit including the deadly Frank Nitti—as well as his nemesis, J. Edgar Hoover, Hoover’s secretary Helen Gandy and others, The Confessions of Al Capone is a major literary achievement.
Amazon is running part of the first chapter, btw.

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Prashant C. Trikannad said...

I have read only one book, GUN MAN, by Loren D. Estleman and I enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to reading his BLOODY SEASON which I picked up not long ago. Estleman writes a good western. I'm sure THE CONFESSIONS OF AL CAPONE is an absorbing book.