Friday, June 13, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true...but are

Ted Nugent compares Jewish Congressman Eric Cantor to Nazi propagandist
Joseph Goebbels

SENATOR Cochran : I grew up doing 'all kind of indecent things with

Businessman's grave ransacked by daughter looking for 'real will'...

Surgeons Mistakenly Remove Healthy Kidney From Cancer Patient...

911 Dispatcher Tells Rape Victim to 'Quit Crying'...

Repo man dies after Virginia truck owner ‘accidentally’ shoots him —

NBCNEWS paid Chelsea Clinton $600k salary...

Fox News host: I wouldn’t be surprised if undocumented kids are front
for drug dealers

Texas Democrat tells MSNBC: Racists here ‘are out and proud with it’

PA mother of seven dies while serving two-day jail term for kids’
truancy violations

Donald Sterling Has Hired Investigators to look into other owners?

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