Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jeff Pierce & Tightrope

Last night on the great The Rap Sheet Jeff Pierce made reference to the Mike Conners TV series "Tightrope." (Five or so years before "Mannix.") I commented that the series had its own pulp magazine. A young Donald Westlake was a contributor.  I bought this at a drug store that had a huge selection of mags and pbs. I'm betting a certain dude named Bill Crider also bought it.
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Todd Mason said...

My post on the Great American fiction magazines, including their TIGHTROPE and 77 SUNSET STRIP pulp-sized magazines (arguably the last new pulps...aside from perhaps also the last issues of RANCH ROMANCES or the Popular Library TREASURY OF GREAT ____ STORIES annual magazines) that weren't intentional neo-pulps) apparently had hipped Jeff to their existence a while back...and thanks for reprinting the TOC page!

Todd Mason said...

FFB: What did Jorge Luis Borges and Mike Connors have in common with The Saint? (Not to mention Kookie...): Great American Publications in 1960