Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Book: When Somebody Kills You: A Rat Pack Mystery

   Just a quick mention that WHEN SOMEBODY KILLS YOU, the 10th book in my Rat Pack series, featuring Frank and Dino as well as Judy Garland, was published in the U.S. Aug. 1st in hardcover, and will be released Sept. 1 as an ebook. When I started writing this series I don't know if I anticipated getting to 10 books--and beyond?
  Here's what the Historical Novel Society had to say about it:

When Somebody Kills You: A Rat Pack Mystery

In this tenth installment of Randisi’s fun Rat Pack Mysteries, our favorite pit boss, Eddie Gianelli, is asked to help out yet another friend of Deano and Frank: Miss Judy Garland. Judy feels as though she’s being followed, so Eddie steps in to keep an eye on her, enlisting his good buddy, Jerry Epstein, to help him discover what’s really going on. It doesn’t take long for Eddie to become skeptical of Judy’s newest fiancé, and to wonder if perhaps the young actor is out for more than just Judy’s companionship. Unfortunately, Eddie also has his own big problem: it seems someone in Las Vegas has put out a hit on him, and it’s not clear just which powerful figure has decided to take him out. Could it be mobster MoMo Giancana, or someone related to the Kennedys? Or someone else entirely?
This novel, like the other mysteries in the series, is good fun that weaves real people and events effortlessly around a mystery that is plausible enough to have happened just that way. Eddie always seems to get himself involved in serious problems despite his best efforts, and his usual cast of cohorts is there to keep him alive while he figures out what’s going on. Randisi is an expert in bringing the era to life, using the Rat Pack members fully and giving Old Vegas a personality all its own. This book is just as good as the others in the series, and is recommended as quality escapism and intriguing mystery at their best.

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