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Publicity Push: John Hegenberger's Elliot Cross Books

Posted: 16 Aug 2015 08:30 AM PDT
[Publicity Push highlights a book, or a series of books. It is intended to introduce something interesting and new—without the necessity of writing a specific review.]
John Hegenberger is making a splash in the crime community with two new books, both featuring private eye Eliot Cross. The first, Cross Examinations, is a collection of short stories, and the second, TRIPL3 CROSS, is a novel. The books have received critical praise—

“A great debut for a protagonist readers are sure to want to see more of!” —Wayne D. Dundee, on TRIPL3 CROSS

 “It’s a fast-moving tale of mystery and espionage that will engage you right from the start. Check it out.” —Bill Crider, on TRIPL3 CROSS

Cross Examinations is a prequel for TRIPL3 CROSS, and both are available at Amazon—click the titles and you will be transported to each books   Amazon page. The novels are below with the publisher’s brief description and the first paragraph from each book.

Publisher’s description : A series of serious crimes: Kidnapping. Murder. Art Thief. Blackmail. Comic Books. 

Private Investigator Eliot Cross faces heartache, headache, backache, and a royal pain in the neck in these rollicking noir stores from the heart of the Heartland.

First paragraph : I hung a left and bounced into the lot of Bailey’s Quality Cars as the policeman jumped to his feet, waving his hands like a burning blind man. I stomped the brake, leaving the tail of my Dodge Charger out in the curb lane. [from the story “Headache”]

Publisher’s description : It’s 1988, and small-town P.I. Eliot Cross is searching for his long-lost father. Then, a CIA informant says that Dad has been in deep cover for over twenty years. Now, the informant’s been murdered and Eliot is on the run. 

Scrambling to clear his name, Eliot journeys from Washington D.C. to Havana, Cuba, struggling against deadly drug-runners, syndicate hit-men and his own violent nature. But the worst is yet to come, as Eliot discovers his father is at the center of an international conspiracy, a nuclear threat and a double cross...or is that a triple cross?

First paragraph : The new 1988 Ford van had been following me for days. I’d ducked it twice, but here it was coming up from behind me, a reverse image in my rearview mirror.

Mr. Hegenberger also has four novels scheduled for release later this year featuring L.A.P.I., Los Angeles Private Investigator, Stan Wade. The series will run at least four titles—StarfallSuperfallSpyfall, and Stormfall. The first is scheduled for release in October. Mr. Hegenberger's website has a very nice description of each. 

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