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13 of the Best Female Sleuths from Pop Culture SADIE TROMBETTA

13 of the Best Female Sleuths from Pop Culture

Everyone knows Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and the Hardy Boys, but what about the best female sleuths from pop culture? Women have been solving crime and catching bad guys in books, television, and movies just as long as men—only they’ve been doing it better. Let’s face it, women do almost everything better.
Call it female intuition, call it women’s instinct, call it whatever you like—women are natural problem solvers. It’s unsurprising we make great cops, detectives, spies, and amateur mystery solvers. We’re great at finding clues, we can get anyone to talk, and we always know when someone is lying to us.
We’re smart, sly, and experts in the art of manipulation (hey, we’re girlfriends and mothers, it’s part of the job description), so even the sneakiest, most dastardly criminals can’t escape our clutches. Combine that with our ability to kick ass and take names, and you can understand why the best sleuths from television, movies, and books are always women.
Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you with this list of 13 amazing female sleuths from pop culture. Trust me, these ladies will have you convinced.

1. Miss Marple

When you think of great sleuths, you probably don’t think of elderly spinsters, but Miss Marple will change all that. One of Agatha Christie’smost famous detectives, this little old lady’s nosy nature is good for more than just the week’s hottest gossip. Clever and intuitive, Miss Marple never misses a clue—proving that not only do women make great detectives, but the elderly can, too.

2. Dana Scully

FBI Special Agent Dana Scully may be a skeptic when it comes to monsters and aliens, but luckily for us, it hasn’t stopped her from solving case after mysterious case. Highly intelligent and analytical, there is no situation, no baddie bad enough, to scare Scully away, and no matter the case, she doesn’t stop until it’s solved. If you ever find yourself in the midst of a government conspiracy or alien abduction, just ask yourself:
“What would Scully do?”

3. Nancy Drew

Every little’s girls first favorite detective, Nancy Drew has evolved a lot over her 86-year history as a girl detective—but no matter what changes she goes through, one thing is always certain: she’s an inspiring character and one smart woman. From the paperbacks to the movies to the graphic novels, Nancy Drew’s intelligence, independence, and kind heart make her not only a great crime solver, but also a wonderful role model and one of the best female sleuths ever created.

4. Olivia Benson

If ever you’re in New York and find yourself victim to a crime, your only hope is that there is a real life detective as persistent, committed, and thorough as Olivia Benson. One of the longest serving characters in the extensive Law & Order universe, Benson continually proves herself an asset to the SVU team, rising through the ranks from junior detective to leadership positions—and now, as the squad’s commanding officer—we can only assume more amazing things will come from this incredible detective.

5. Jessica Fletcher

This author isn’t just good at writing mysteries, but she’s great at solving them, too. With a knack for finding murder wherever she travelled, Murder She Wrote’s Jessica Fletcher—one of the greatest TV characters of all time, and one of the best detectives to ever grace the screen—was even named “most prolific sleuth” by Guinness World Records. Yes, she really is that amazing, and if you don’t believe me, there are 12 seasons and 4 TV movies you can binge-watch for proof.

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