Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Books: Killer Green by David Niall Wilson

KILLER GREEN – by David Niall Wilson

Quentin Tarantino meets Smokey & the Bandit in this noir, pseudo-science thriller.  Sometimes, people just need killing. When Sam West wanders into the Sunny-Side-Up Diner for the last time, hoping for a last slice of Mort's world-class pie, and one last look at a waitress named Delilah, he has no idea he's about to become the instrument of a great, karmic cleansing.  The only thing crazier than the seemingly inevitable trail of bodies following Sam and Delilah south is the fact that - as State Police and local sheriffs begin to investigate - they find no evidence.  Nothing. And the missing bodies are just the start, as an unlikely band of companions are drawn together in a scientific experiment more in line with the TV Series Fringe than anything in reality, with the threat of alien probes, local law enforcement, and rednecks around every corner.

Killer Green began life as a joking conversation on Twitter. It became a phenomenon - was written into a screenplay - shared on the Internet, optioned by a production company, and continues its social media-born roll toward the Mexican border.

It's ecologically relevant. It's good for the environment.  It's a novel you will not forget, that will leave you laughing and hold your attention to the last word. 

Wouldn't you rather be green?

David Niall Wilson, author of The DeChance Chronicles, Sins of the Flash, This is My Blood, On the Third Day, and more than thirty other books is a former president of the Horror Writers of America, multiple winner of the Bram Stoker Award, an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, and nearly as crazy as his characters.  Find him on Twitter at @David_N_Wilson to be in on the next big thing. Search his name for his other titles, or click on the handy Linked Author Name here on Amazon to visit his Amazon Author Central page.

David is also CEO and founder of Crossroad Press, a cutting edge digital, audio, and print publishing company representing more than 700 titles and 130 authors, spanning horror, mystery, science fiction, new age, biography, and more.  Crossroad Press is the publisher of the original series projects Tales of the Scattered Earth, O.C.L.T., Super City Police Department, The Order of the Air, and The DeChance Chronicles.  Crossroad Press authors include Clive Barker, Tom Piccirilli, Bill Crider, Joe R. Lansdale, Irving Wallace, Willam Bayer, P. F. Kluge, Melissa Scott, Jo Graham, Aaron Rosenberg, Steven Savile and a host of others.  Find them at http://store.crossroadpress.com

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